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Why am I doing this?

I've now had the Strangelab website "published" for over a year, although I've uploaded barely any content and have not deliberately shared it outside of close family and friends, even though it's technically publicly available. To be honest, I'm kind of embarrassed about that. I could make a dozen excuses, but how about this: I've been lazy.

Yup. I've slept on this thing for too long. But, I'm not going to give it up, even though so far, it's just been a money drain for Wix premium and domain hosting fees. I'm done being lazy with this, and it's time I get the train moving.

I've wrestled especially with nailing down my goal with Strangelab. What's my mission statement? I didn't really know why I even wanted this website in the first place.

At the inception, I thought I wanted this to be collaborative platform -- like a virtual artist commune, focused on group projects and networking. As I dug deeper into these ideas, I realized that I actually didn't want this to turn into an art community out of my control. Really, I wanted to direct this ship. I wanted the content to be a reflection of what I wanted to do and what I valued creatively. Sure, I wanted to collaborate with other artists through this site and through Strangelab-backed projects, but deep down I wanted to call the shots. Sounds selfish, right?

So then, I got to thinking, "Well, why don't I make this a personal website?"

Essentially, it is that, but that mission and definition still was not satisfying me. I didn't want this to turn into yet another film school graduate's personal online portfolio that gets updated once every 4 years with just a re-cut of the same demo reel. I primarily have a producing background in film too, so my "portfolio" isn't really as sexy as that of a cinematographer's or a production designer's anyway. I didn't want to pick just one role on a film set to spotlight, or one medium of art in which to claim an interest or skill.

I wanted something that could be bigger than what I've done in the past: more than just an archive of already created work. I wanted this to be more like a channel or a platform, by which I could inspire new works of all different types of projects to be created. I wanted an avenue to go after new and unfamiliar creative endeavors. I wanted to spotlight other artists that inspire me but might be flying under the public's radar.

Essentially, I want less of a library and more of a kitchen: I want to cook up new stuff, and not just display old stuff. I want a producing machine and a channel to exhibit those productions all in one.

That's finally how I landed on the idea of an independent multimedia production label. Strangelab is an umbrella brand that is meant to make known independent artists and creative entrepreneurs, inspire the production of original creative projects, and serve as a channel to display those label-produced projects.

It's 2019 now, and it's time to put the production engine into action. I'm done sleeping on this. This will be a year of content creation that I hope to turn into a self-sustaining habit for a lifetime full of creativity and artwork.

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